Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lessons from Willow Creek 2

I picked up this one from Mike Breaux who until recently was one of the teaching pastors at Willow. Mike spoke on preaching at the Willow Creek Conference!

He said that as leaders we all need

a Paul - A father, a mentor, someone we are following. I have been privileged to have a number of these in my life. Firstly my Dad, then my Baptist pastor Peter Ledger, who gave me loads of opportunities as a young man. Terry Virgo and Steve Nicholson would be others who have filled this important role for me.

a Barnabas - One who is a friend, our encourager.
My wife Deb is my best encourager and my most helpful critic. And Mick Taylor has a brilliant gift of encouragement!

a Timothy - Someone in whom we are investing our lives. I have had the opportunity to invest in many leaders. My greatest successes have been Phil Varley and Owen Hylton, and John Clark at Putney. Following the reminder at Willow, I plan to start another discipleship group for young leaders in the new year.


If you do not have a Paul – ask God to provide one! Who do you want to emulate and who is accessible to you?

If you do not have a Barnabas – prioritise friendship and ask God to provide one. Look at your friends and see who is trustworthy. And be a Barnabas yourself!

If you do not have a Timothy – find someone to bring alongside and make the decision to spend time investing in them as they follow you.

I commend this to you as something well worth considering!