Friday, 20 March 2009

The Creator in His rightful place!

In complete contrast to the stories from the ancient Near East, Genesis reveals there is only one God, who is unique and without equal. He is all powerful and completely holy. God creates everything out of nothing and all that He makes is good. Creation has an order and purpose because God made it; life therefore is not pointless but meaningful and humanity’s role and destiny is unique. We are the only creature made the subject of divine deliberation, “let us make him in our own image” (Gen 1:26), and though made out of the dust of the earth and so linked with all creation, we are the only one to receive the breath of God (Gen 2:7). Adam and Eve are made in His image and given the role of stewards of creation. (Gen 1:27-28) So, far from being an also-ran, men and women are seen to be the climax of God’s creative activity.

The simplicity of Genesis is deceptive for, though briefly told, the account of creation undermines alternative religions and philosophies - ancient and modern. The Bible leaves no room for polytheism, pantheism, dualism, fatalism or materialism or any other ‘ism’ which dethrones the one true God or robs human life of dignity or purpose. On this all Christians should agree.