Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Leadership lessons from this year - Visits in season

Another major way for me to learn is to visit other churches and meet other leaders from outside Newfrontiers, seeing what they do, asking why they do things and how it all works! This year, in one trip, I visited churches in Seattle, New York, Chicago (Steve Nicholson’s church – Vineyard) and Baltimore (David Anderson’s church).

On this visit I also attended a conference at Willow Creek where I heard Gordon MacDonald speak. He proposes that we look at life in terms of seasons. In each of these stages different questions tend to be asked by those going through them.

20s – Who am I?
30s – How do I balance all this together?
40s – There must be something more than this!
50s – Can I hold on?
60s – Am I redundant?
70s – Was it all worth it?

I have asked these questions of myself, of the King’s team, pastorally, and in the wider Newfrontiers movement!