Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Last Words of David: Chosen

In 1 Chronicles 28:4-6 the words ‘chose’ or ‘chosen’ appear four times. David reminds Solomon and the people that he was chosen by God. He knew what it was to be chosen – his tribe was chosen, his family was chosen – the background to this was that when Samuel came, at the Lord’s instruction, to find the one to anoint as King, David was not with the rest of his brothers – he was out in the fields looking after the family sheep, he had to be called in! He was the chosen leader. In this context it is important for Solomon to know that he is also chosen by God to rule - and for the people to know that too.

There is a close link between the sovereign choice of God in an individual’s life and the fulfilment of the dream. I might have had a dream to be a professional footballer! Most young, sport-loving men would entertain such thoughts but that isn't what God chose me to do. There has to be a connection between the individual dream and joining up with God’s choice. Looking at others and thinking ‘I’d like to be like them’ is not what God has chosen for you. Being chosen is very powerful. Christians know we are chosen by God in Christ. We are chosen by the Father and at the end of our lives that is what will count – ultimately it ensures our place in heaven!

John Maxwell comes at this in a slightly different way – he says that we learn that people buy into the leader and his character before they buy into the vision. You cannot disconnect the dream, the vision, from the person who has the vision. This will apply in every area of life including that of parenting: you can set up a whole list of rules for your kids but if you don’t have a meaningful relationship with them you are unlikely to be successful. You have a dream for them but they have to connect with you and you with them. Even if you are boring, old and a fuddy-duddy! (Even using that word confirms to them that I am a fuddy-duddy!) I mean – what do WE parents know? In the end leadership in any area of life is built on trust and ultimately on the sovereignty of God - that’s what is packed into our understanding of the word ‘chosen’.