Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Diversity 6 - Further Areas Requiring Awareness...

We need to look at this radically. Our song lists and our style of worship need particular examination. Another of the major examples of this at Kings has been the Choir! I was adamant - we don’t do choirs, we are into body ministry - not presentations. Simon Pettit was very helpful to me on this. In the end I decided that we wouldn’t call it a choir but ‘a singing group’ – because we don’t do choirs! I realised that I was being picky about terminology when everyone reflected back to me - ‘We’re having a choir!’ So… we have a choir now for major events and still have prophecies etc. But we have a long way to go on this, primarily because as a movement we ‘do’ white Newfrontiers songs – the Brighton conference platform is our prime example. Sometimes the only model of anything else would be children’s action songs – a small slice of the variety we could reflect.

Raising money:
The white community tends to give by banking standing order. The black community is more likely to respond to an inspirational style of exhortation. We have come to realise that our black members are often financing extended family back in their home countries –there are legacy/heritage issues here, multiple demands are often being made upon their finances.

To learn more about building multi-cultural churches in the UK … Understanding Worldviews and Cultural Strongholds Conference… at King’s Church… Sat 14th March… Speaker – Dave Devenish…Further details elsewhere on the King’s website…Booking forms available from
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