Friday, 20 February 2009

Diversity 7 - ... and more issues!

Francis is one of our African members – when he prays, God agrees! His exhortations are stirring! He and others with him have brought a different style to our prayer meetings, convincing others of us that we need to loosen up a bit! We may have thought that they would join our church and do it our way but we now know better. Some time ago Francis and some of our African men asked to meet and pray on Fridays for a half night of prayer. But we already met on Wednesday at 8pm for prayer. For a while – I was telling people they couldn’t pray! (Good leadership, Steve!) But – the thing I didn’t want was one prayer meeting on this day that was black and another that was white. We now see black and white together at our half-nights of prayer.

Life moments:
Baby dedications! I have learned that there is another way to do these things! We are sometimes invited to go round to someone’s house on the 7th day after the birth of a baby and take part in a naming ceremony – our filters as to ‘how it’s done’ have had to be changed. The pastoral issues and legacy issues from slavery, colonialism and ongoing racism, are huge.

To learn more about building multi-cultural churches in the UK… Understanding Worldviews and Cultural Strongholds Conference… at King’s Church… Sat 14th March… Speaker – Dave Devenish…Further details elsewhere on the King’s website…Booking forms available from and 020 8690 4646