Tuesday, 22 September 2009

High Sundays 1

One of the key growth strategies that we have employed at Kings is something we call a ‘High Sunday’. It is a growth engine aimed at creating momentum.

Our strategy is simply to build to a Sunday where we will pray and invite as many people to attend and trust that God will meet with them – that they will experience God and then we provide them with a next step to connect with us.

We have run this system or strategy for the last 10 – 11 years and when I first arrived at Kings we would probably only do a few of these Sundays a year, or more likely, one or two a term. I remember when Terry Virgo came to speak in the first couple of years of my time here - this was an encouragement to gather the whole church as well as any visitors - 205 attended. Last Sunday we had over 1000 in three meetings and we are now regularly seeing this level of attendance. The first time we hit the 1000 mark outside of the Christmas season (in September 08) was a Very High Sunday for us! After that Sunday we had 70 people to follow up who had all connected with God or had provided us with an opportunity to follow up and link them to a next step.

Simply put – examples of High Sundays are Christmas, Easter, Mothering Sunday, a dedication of new parents, a baptism, a guest speaker, a themed issue or a healing service. Actually, what would happen now is that we would be running – probably every other week – something which we would describe as a High Sunday. It is an event which will attract more people.