Friday, 5 February 2010

Old Rules / New Rules - Credentials and Performance

Old rule: Credentials are very important
New rule: Performance is very important

Under the old rule you were unlikely to be allowed into the pulpit unless you had appropriate qualifications and recognised credentials. As in certain professions, a uniform (the military, medicine) and/or a licence (medicine, teaching) were required. Without them people would not have followed the lead. The new rule recognises gifted leaders who may have no formal qualification but who have great ability to preach and lead – some will be famous for their success. At the other extreme, low performers with plenty of credentials will have increased pressure to change or to leave.

My response:

I like this one, because I have no credentials, failed at school, was poor at exams, and have no letters after my name. I also believe the true test of leadership is ‘followship’, so this works for me! ...And – it worked for the disciple Peter.