Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Old Rules / New Rules - Measuring Success

Old rule: Success defined by narrow comparison
New rule: Success defined by broad comparison

One of the ways we define ourselves is by comparison with others – we say we are short because others are taller, or rich because others have less money. And church members have always compared their church leader to other church leaders! In previous decades this would have been done within a locality or within a denomination, now church leaders are held up against a standard of nationally known equivalents, some of whom appear on the media, or within the Christian world of book writing or song writing. CDs, DVDs, magazines all contribute to their fame. As a result, although the current pastor may be considered better than those of previous years by some, they may also be considered less effective or less gifted than another current leader elsewhere.

My response:

This is so true. All pastors are compared with the greatest preachers and leaders in the world. We have accepted that in the new world of internet and instant download and access to the wider world - this is how it is.