Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Putting together a Vision Sunday talk

These are some of the key principles which go through my mind as I prepare a vision talk.
  • Root the talk in scripture, a biblical value, or narrative. 
  • Connect our story with God’s story 
  • Reflect back, tell stories, declare victories, face facts, and explain any delay or failure 
  • Celebrate God’s faithfulness 
  • Present the next step of the journey with faith. If you have achieved any momentum this helps. Remember that past performance is the best indicator for future performance. Outline in detail plans for next stage or year. 
  • Invite everyone to join in the next step - please increase your giving, please move to another site, please step up and serve, please join a small group, please come to the prayer meeting... etc. 
  • Make a special appeal to new people to join, sign up, to help us fulfil our God-given task and vision. 
I hope the vision talk outlines that follow will inspire you, so that you can inspire the people of God!