Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Time to Advance!

Outline of vision talk given in Sept 2010

Personal info: sabbatical, writing the book

Church: completion of purchase of new building happened in sabbatical.
Look back – give thanks to God. Look forward – Joshua’s amazing encounter with God before the battle for Jericho (Bible reading). Story of King’s rooted in such an encounter – 4 weeks into my ministry here visit of Vineyard prophetic team. Discovered in the history of the church – founded by a protégée of C H Spurgeon with a vision for a church of 1000 members. We advance like Joshua and the people of God – a mixture of fear, uncertainty and excitement.

New developments: Catford, Downham and Lee sites. Explained new future leadership structure to cover sites. Asked for volunteers to go and help support these leaders in their work. Initially helping to set up and prepare.

Walls that we face: people challenge – volunteers needed to serve, financial challenge – core of established givers, newer arrivals slower to sign up for regular giving. Please step up.

Join us in commitment to meeting with God as we step forward, to see the church advance and many others won for Christ.