Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Growing a church... Reach the lost, build the church...

…Build the church, reach the lost. You have to have these two things in balance because if you first reach the lost and you’re not building the church, then you won’t contain the growth. The issues around this point would be those of leadership capacity and facility size - issues that generally come with growth.  Leaders, at this point you need an ability to multiply yourself, work through others, build team - and of course you need to have the gift to realise hundreds of thousands of pounds as well.  That is the leadership challenge!   

I think many leaders build and hope to reach.  Our philosophy at King’s has been to turn that upside down and say, ‘let’s reach and then we’ll build’.  I even think that’s how the book of Acts is written! It is missionary at its heart - with the apostles running around after gospel breakthrough trying to ‘fill in’ behind it, ensuring converts are baptized in the Holy Spirit and teaching them. Paul committed himself, in one context, to teach in one place for 2 years.  To me, it’s what apostolic ministry is about. We are an apostolic movement committed to reaching out beyond the gathered community and then bringing all the spiritual gifts to bear behind that.