Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Growing a church - Momentum moments

John Maxwell says that the power of momentum makes an average leader look good and that the lack of momentum makes a good leader look average.  Such is the power of momentum - leaders will know what I’m talking about.  If you can get some momentum it makes things much easier for you in fuelling change management within the church. An example…

A couple of years ago we needed to further extend our Catford site – we were looking at raising £100,000.  We had gone to two meetings on Sunday morning and were talking about bringing in a third meeting. Despite the fact that we had already gone to two meetings, we had space issues for our children’s work.  We needed the extension to accommodate the kids - everyone recognised that and said, ‘Fine!’  We had to raise another offering and momentum made it easy to lead in that situation.  So, as a leader I crave and pray for momentum moments. 

When we started out at King’s we could provide a momentum moment maybe once a term - there was so much to do in the church here. At first there were no elders, when it rained the water came in, I was new and didn’t know much, had young children and was exhausted and we could just about muster a momentum moment about once a term.  As you gain momentum and resources increase you can get such a moment perhaps twice a term. Now it feels like sometimes every Sunday is such a moment.