Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Deb: For me, being in partnership in mission with Steve has ultimately meant owning the call on Steve’s life and doing all I can to support and release him into it. At this stage and season in our lives I don’t go with Steve on all his trips away – but it does mean that he knows he goes with my support. It means that I do my best to make sure that home is a place of relaxation and refreshment for him to come back to. Steve might be the one going to the meetings and conferences and standing up to lead and preach on Sundays – but I am still caught up in what we would see as very much a joint call. I pray for him, talk to him and discuss with him what he’s doing and I act as a sounding board when he needs to offload.

As Steve’s areas and levels of responsibility have grown and increased I have had to step up too. I am discovering that owning the call and continuing to be releasing and supportive is an ongoing process. It isn’t always easy and it is a choice I have to make each time.