Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Money - the heart of the matter

Basically, money is a heart issue. Some, when thinking about giving, know that the money is there, it’s just that it’s prioritised in different areas. What’s needed is a realigning of priorities and to put God first, saying, ‘I am a disciple of Jesus before anything else.’ Some are already there in their thinking but money is tight or perhaps they are a single parent or in a similarly demanding situation. I would encourage a first step in giving, however small – that is grace – and ask God. He will speak to us about what to do.

All we have belongs to the Lord Jesus. We came into the world as a baby with nothing and we will leave with nothing. At one time we were spiritually dead but now we are alive in Christ. We are honest enough to know that our money and what we do with it reveals our heart but if we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ, if we believe that it is best for us to build our lives on the Word of God and on Jesus the Rock himself, we will come and ask God to help us make choices to follow through to build generous giving into our lives!

God is able to bless each of us and to bless our churches with huge financial strength as we look at taking on each massive adventure in faith together. We ask that He will do it so that many will come to Christ and that many who are now poor will become rich because the One who was rich became poor for our sakes. What we have experienced in forgiveness, healing and hope can be passed onto thousands of people through our churches.
Content taken from a King's Stewardship seminar