Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Don't be an ostrich!

Many people are not familiar with handling money. They get overwhelmed by it and when problems start to loom, like the final servant in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, they then put their head in the sand! I want to challenge that ineffective approach.

Many others handle money well already but are interested in picking up some tips to do even better and maybe get a greater return. Among those who attend King’s we have people from all sorts of work settings including some in the financial industry. Over the entire church there will be differing skill sets and levels of financial ability – for some the whole thing is a bit of a blur, for others it is all too clear. And we have among us single parents trying to make ends meet – different personal circumstances give us particular insights.

When it comes to stewardship some people feel threatened by money and just avoid the issue and hope it will go away. Of course, it doesn’t! Denial sets in – this is a massive issue in respect to problems with money, the consequence of denial is that it results in people becoming fearful about finance and they are then vulnerable to falling into a snare.

At King’s we work on the principle of choice – I will not give advice on how anyone should spend their money. There will be no comment on how big their house should be and whether they have one or more of them. In a church like King’s we have a huge cross-section of people, including one person who owns ten properties. We are not looking at forcing equality of ownership. Some people like to spend lots of money on a car, others on holidays, and others on private education. Some of us like to have insurance, while yet others don’t think it is appropriate for a Christian. Everyone has a choice on how to spend the money they have earned.

Content taken from the King's Stewardship Seminar...