Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Growing a Church: On the journey...

At King‘s there are people who have come along and are very happy to just stay in our ‘crowd’ and not become members – from time to time we will challenge them to take a further step in.  We have a booklet we give to new people which tells them about our philosophy and includes a diagram which shows the sort of process that people go through.  So if someone’s not a Christian or they’re ‘backslidden’, we will encourage them to go to Alpha. 

There are mid-week groups to join.  They can become involved with a particular ministry and begin to serve quite quickly or they can join a ‘life course’ which could be the Marriage Course or a Parenting Course or our finance seminar – all of which happen on an annual basis. We also run Freedom in Christ which has a more pastoral approach and is for those dealing with life issues and the consequences of the past.  Each of these provides the opportunity for further involvement in church life.

This means that at any given point it should be possible to tell you where every new person is in their journey – all from the data gathered from each ‘Like to Know More’ form that has been completed and given in and our follow-up of those individuals.  It could say this person is involved in Alpha.  That person is on Freedom in Christ.  This person has joined a mid-week group - and it would be possible to go through our list in this way.  This person’s left.  This person’s going to another church.  I can tell you that because we follow them up regularly - it’s not just a ‘one off’ phone call.  We actually stick with that person until we consider they are ‘in’ and connected and they’re established in a mid-week group or they’re part of a ministry.