Friday, 19 June 2009

Guidance : further principles

3. The counsel of others

The team concluded together (:10). Having taken all the indicators into account they came to a decision. Prov 12:15 and Prov 15:22 give good advice about advice!

I have my own range of advisors on a whole range of areas. I often speak with my Dad; Deb is another invaluable source of wisdom; experts in various specialist fields come to mind, not to mention my fellow Elders and the Trustees of Kings. It makes sense to draw on the wisdom and experience of others – God did not intend that we should be isolated as leaders and we can help each other avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

4. Common sense

Not to be discounted in our spiritual considerations! It’s basic life wisdom! Paul and the team came to the conclusion that it made sense to move into Macedonia at that time – and the gospel came to Europe. The first step to us receiving salvation here in the UK!