Friday, 12 June 2009

Guidance : it's the moving ship that gets steered!

As leaders, when our wishes and God’s guidance coincide we are quick to rejoice and praise Him! When we are thwarted we can become downhearted and can attribute events as signs of opposition and/or ‘the enemy’s work’. Truth is – it’s more likely to be God’s activity and we need to maintain an attitude of praise and worship in all circumstances.

Great missionaries of old learned this lesson. Livingstone wanted to go to China and ended up with a significant ministry to Africa. William Carey was heading for the South Seas and Polynesia – he found his home in India. In my own case I have lived to thank God that at age 21 plans for me to travel with a particular ministry leader, to follow a particular training course and a significant relationship with a beautiful girl all fell apart at around the same time. (Although I’m really glad that I did end up later marrying the fantastic girl!) At the time I was devastated!

How God guides us:

- It happens on the move!

It’s easy for us to ‘get stuck’ in what we see as a temporary state of affairs, whether it be a particular ministry or a certain church. Because we are looking for a future change, we refuse to commit to the current situation and so miss out on all we can receive from God and all we can give to Him and His people at that time. The short stay then goes on for years and this suspended state hardens into habit. Don’t miss out by reserving options! Wholehearted living in any situation is the best way to hear from God and receive guidance for the future.

- It takes time!

We are an instant society that wants instant access and guidance that comes with the speed of our broadband – or better! This is where we learn patience!