Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Building your dream team - cont'd.

- Team members communicate with each other.

Trust and openness should be the norm. Give permission! Any idea is acceptable for discussion! (And implementers will struggle with this!)

- Team members grow together.

Training should be a continuous process. Developing skills is a high priority. In recent years we have had input into the team in the following areas:

Diversity : David Anderson
Counselling : Jeanie Kendall
Management : Brian Watts
Personality profiling : Peter Brierley
Multiple meetings : Steve Nicholson – US Vineyard Movement
Various : Willow Creek Association; Holy Trinity, Brompton
and from various apostolic figures within Newfrontiers. These bring huge gifts and other skills.

Our Newfrontiers foundations are strong and we are happy to receive from other streams of church life where appropriate and to grow in awareness and ‘roundedness’!

- There is a good ‘team fit’.

A useful tool in this area is the Belbin personality test. I would recommend that you and your team do this together. It will help you know more about the individuals in your team and to value difference in the team rather than being annoyed by it! It is important that your team has the full range of gifting and personalities in the room.