Friday, 16 October 2009

More on building your dream team

- Team members place individual rights beneath the best interests of the team

This requires a level of maturity from the team members who will be able and gifted in their sphere of work and who could, in some cases, go and lead their own team. Preaching is a case in point here. One of our elders was an able teacher and was at once stage the second preacher on the team after me. As the church has grown we wanted to promote and give opportunities to younger guys – the outcome of this (and other strategic staff appointments) is that he now preaches only once or twice a year – a real sacrifice.

- Each team member plays a special role – ideally to the person’s strengths

Working within your own gift means that you can run further and do more. Also knowing how you function physically helps – I know that I generally do better with 6 one hour sessions rather than 1 six hour session. You should be aware of what drains you in church life. I know that I’m a ‘solution’ person so that pastoral care and I have a limited shelf life together! Our personalities contribute to this.

- An effective team has strength in depth

Having worked at this, I really believe that my team at King’s is one of the strongest in depth within Newfrontiers!