Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ideas for Vision Sunday - An Invitational Church

‘Give ear and come to me; hear me, that your soul will live.’ Isa 55:3

You cannot read Isaiah 55 without realising that it shows that God’s plan of old was that all should be invited! It’s a warm welcome and a repeated one – God says ‘Come!’
We are here to invite all those who don’t know Jesus to come and find Him. We invite everyone to connect with us – take another step towards us, whether you have been here for decades or a few weeks. Through being invitational we can give everyone the chance to find out more about what it means to become what our friends from Willow Creek describe as a fully devoted follower of Christ. Join us on that journey of faith!

Our aim is to help you to put Jesus at the centre of your life – it will do you good! Be Jesus-centred, look to strengthen and lengthen your life and your involvement in King’s - and be invitational!

My invitation to us all is this: let’s be an Isa 53 church, an Isa 54 church and an Isa 55 church – Jesus centred, strengthened and lengthened, and invitational to all those who do not yet know Jesus. And to those who do know Him – we can take another step in our growing relationship with Jesus – and with His church!

I trust that this series has given a potential outline for a Vision Sunday talk. You can listen to the actual message via the podcast here