Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ideas for Vision Sunday - Strengthen - Areas for attention

In the light of responding to a call for ‘lengthening and strengthening’ there will be key areas in church life that we need to give attention to.

-     Leadership developmentI believe this will be an ongoing thing for us. We have hundreds of people attending this church. If they are going to be pastored effectively then we need to release tens, if not hundreds, of ministry leaders to care for the people. Children’s workers, youth workers, community group leaders, worship leaders, social action workers – everything – the list goes on and on! We need to actively and continually encourage leadership development with leadership disciple groups to foster the growth of new leaders. If you have any inkling or thoughts of growing in leadership within His church we need to connect with you and help you to grow in your potential! Now you may enjoy being a part of King’s, have found a place here and are happy to come and go on a Sunday -worship Jesus and walk out, getting on with your life. That is ultimately between you and God – it may work for you as an individual but long-term that will not serve the church.

-      Communication. We have made a decision at King’s to transition our church communication to primarily electronic means. We would ask and encourage you to connect with us via social media and the King’s website if you are able. Twitter, the blogs - these are easy means to access information about King’s so you will be up to date with most recent news and information. We realise that this will mean a stretch for some of you to step in to this world of messaging and gadgets. Please do so if you can!

-      Mercy ministry and pastoral care – I am pleased that we are establishing our debt advice service – this is a really important ministry in today’s world. Welcoming people through our mercy ministries, as well as through Alpha and migration into the area means that we will need an increasing number of suitably wise and experienced people to pastor our people well.

-      Giving – this area needs strengthening. We are aware that there are hundreds of King’s people now giving via standing orders directly from their bank account into the church account. This is a fantastic help and means that we know how much we can depend on each month. Equally there are hundreds who give in a way that we have no idea how much we can rely on. If that is you, can I ask you to seriously look at giving regularly in this direct way?
Currently we need £90,000 a month to run the ministry fund. The multi-site fund needs about £40,000 a month. If giving does not match our planned budgets it will hold back the progress we need to make to make room for more people and to provide the people and resources to care for them. Now if we don’t have the money – we won’t spend it. That’s a given with us! But it will delay the progress of achieving the vision we believe God has given us. Please respond – we need a big push! Sacrificial giving is required...