Friday, 8 May 2009

Final Thoughts on Creation and Evolution

B. B. Warfield (1851 – 1921) was a great 19th century Reformed theologian, who stoutly defended the authority and inspiration of the Bible and other fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith - but when it came to evolution he was agnostic! He neither totally rejected it nor unreservedly welcomed it as an explanation. He thought that in some form the theory could be true but does not appear to have given it a final stamp of approval. His attitude of openness to science and humility before scripture is one that is appealing.

Does loyalty to scripture demand holding the view that God created the universe in six 24 days and that it is less than 20,000 years old? Not all are convinced. And yet many would hold that death as we know it came into the world through a real fall of the first two human beings and that the Sabbath principle is rooted in creation. Exactly how these relate to modern science is more of an open question. That evolutionary principles have been the basis of significant scientific breakthrough is without doubt but all that can be concluded from this fact is that evolution is a useful hypothesis - it doesn’t prove that it is ultimately true. The key is that this whole cosmos (and us included!) is not the product of chance and time but the creation of the sovereign, holy, loving God of the Bible. This means we are not alone in the universe - we have been made for a purpose which finds its fulfilment in Christ.

One final book recommendation: Creation and Evolution by Alan Hayward