Tuesday, 12 May 2009

London Churches Update

Following the planting of 8 churches in 8 years, I am excited to announce that Roger Smith, who currently leads Downham Family Church, is moving to Richmond to plant a church there. We are currently looking at another 3 places within London where we aim to plant in the next couple of years. Across our churches I continue to hear stories of growth and breakthrough - all very encouraging!

On the back of this, on Saturday 13th June I will be hosting a morning for leaders interested in planting or leading churches in London - please contact Pete Cornford at Crown Church, Hillingdon for more information -

As the regional weekend at Butlins in January was so successful I am delighted to announce that we will be holding TWO weekends next year, so we can accommodate more people. We have booked Butlins at Bognor for 6th-8th and 22nd-24th January 2010 - further details will follow soon. Churches will be allocated to a particular weekend to make sure that 5000 people don’t all turn up on one weekend…!