Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Leadership That Works!

Leith Anderson’s Leadership That Works is a book that I have read, re-read and benefited from. His clear and accessible style and the issues he deals with will make this book a profitable read for any church leader – and those who aspire to lead. Covering topics like why leadership is so hard, the myths behind leadership, why nothing seems simple anymore… to name a few, he then goes right through to ‘finishing well’.

In the next series of blogs I shall be giving particular attention to expectations in leadership, basing the series on the chapter in the book which deals with why the rules of leadership are changing. I’ll be giving Leith Anderson’s perception of the situation and the rules as he sees them – both old and new - then giving my own response to each of these ‘rules’.

Managing change (now a constant in our experience) in the midst of what Anderson calls an ‘epidemic of excellence’ brings us into conflict with a whole series of expectations. These can be our own or from our churches! Often these expectations are couched in terms of ‘vision’ - conflicting vision and conflicting expectations – which can seriously compromise our achievements as leaders and churches.

I trust you'll find the series helpful.