Friday, 15 January 2010

Old Rules / New Rules - Learning

Old rule: Pastors are ‘prepared’ for ministry
New rule: Pastors are life-long learners

This is another rule that applies in all areas of working life. The pilot who trained on a DC-3 won’t be competent in a Boeing 777. And you wouldn’t necessarily want the doctor who graduated forty years ago operating on your child unless she had continued with her professional qualifications, assessments and training. If a church leader assumes that past degrees, experience and success are all that is required to lead today’s church, then he will be wrong most of the time – and they could be the biggest liability he brings to today’s opportunities.

My response:

I love this change in attitude; I am keen to be a life-long learner! Your ability to grow spiritually, in skills and in emotional capacity directly affect your ministry goals. What are you planning to do this year to ensure you are growing as a person and a leader?