Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Old Rules / New Rules - Relationships

Old rule: Reason is more important than relationships
New rule: Relationships are more important than reason

In the 20th century a high value was placed on reasoning – science, rationalism and deductive reasoning were all brought to bear on issues. We looked to leaders to be smart and provide all the answers – smart people! In the church we admired men who could expound at length on doctrine, apologetics and pass on knowledge to us. This would still be an important thing in today’s church – intellectual credibility is still vital in the world and in the church. However, the importance of relationships has soared! Church leaders must be able to get along with people – those who are insensitive, distant, unfriendly and who alienate people are unlikely to retain the positions for very long.

My response:

Church leadership is a people business, and relationship is at the heart of the Godhead and all good leadership - this is another new rule that receives the Steve Tibbert thumbs up